With more than 30 years experience servicing, repairing and restoring the Alfa Romeo ES30, our specialist technicians can care for your SZ or RZ in our fully equipped workshop. 


Whether it's the annual check-over, a full service or some upgrades and modifications, Alfa Aid are well placed to care for your SZ or RZ. we work with you to plan the schedule of work that best suits your requirements.


Sometimes even these amazing cars need some extra TLC. Our Alfa Romeo technicians have the benefit of many years of hands-on experience, having looked after SZs and RZs since the 1990s.
We're here to help.


Accident damage, the ravages of time, or you may just want to treat your SZ or RZ to a coachwork refresh - there are many reasons why restoration work may be required. Call us to discuss your requirements.

Why use
Alfa AID?

Alfa Aid is here to offer you the best experience possible for both you and your Zagato. Our highly skilled technicians have an immense amount of Alfa Romeo knowledge and experience, so you can rest assured that the person working on your SZ or RZ has your best interests at heart, and the skill set to look after your every need. We know and understand the niggles and foibles that are uniquely ‘Alfa’, and we can advise you authoritatively on what can be done to get the maximum reliability and enjoyment from your car. We’re also large enough to cope, yet small enough to give you the personal but professional service that you require. We listen attentively to your requirements so we can tailor the work to suit you.

Our Technicians are not just fitters. We try to diagnose and mend your car, not just throw new parts at it until its mended. We also have a large quantity of used parts available, which can be used both for diagnosis (sometimes substitution is the quickest and surest form of diagnosis) and as replacements when applicable. 

We are here for all your Alfa Romeo SZ and RZ needs.

Opening Hours

Open Monday to Friday

08.30am to 6.00pm

186 Bath Road,


Berkshire. SL6 4LB.

Please call for an appointment

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