FOR SALE at £49,995.00

This gorgeous GTV was registered brand new in the UK on the 28th of February 1975, and according to Alfa Romeo Centro Documentazione in Italy it’s one of the last manufactured Bertone 105 series 2000 GTV examples. It had only covered 22,400 miles when it was moth-balled in 1993, and a full and thorough restoration was carried out in 2013 /2014, after which it was reborn bearing the dateless registration mark 222 XYR, and sporting new Alfa Red coachwork to replace the original Argento Silver.

The engine was also rebuilt whilst removed and has only covered a few thousand miles since. New carpets, rubber seals and headlining ( plus a lot more ) all go towards making this GTV even more special. I can only imagine being the first owner back in 1975 and how it must have felt to be driving off in such an amazing car, and I’m sure the next lucky owner will share that experience.

This car is as good as it gets. The price reflects the condition. Of course you may have to pull a bit of choke out to start it, but that’s how they were. And let’s enjoy the sounds and smells of 1970s motoring while we still can !UPDATE We have just carried out quite a lot of extra commissioning to bring the GT Veloce bang up to scratch, with all the little bits that got left out when it was restored a few years ago.Please get in touch if you’d like further details or to request a viewing by appointment..



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