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Only 108 of each....more info to follow soon.......




So, 2018 is here at last........

And so is Japanese and Australian Flu !!!!!! We all wish you a happy and healthy New Year, and with a New MD at Alfa GB you can expect a lot of news coming from Alfa Romeo throughout the year.

Buon Anno a Tutti !!!


Merry Christmas from Alfa Aid !

A big THANK YOU to all of our customers, and we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2018. Enjoy......


F1 - Alfa Romeo returns......AT LAST !!!!!!

We all knew this was on the cards. We all prayed it would happen.......


Formula 1 has, to be fair, got a bit predictable in the last couple of years. Something was missing from the mix. 

WELCOME BACK ALFA ROMEO - They've joined forces with Sauber, and should (with the help of Ferrari engines) add some sparkle to the grid. New drivers, possibly Ferrari juniors learning the F1 ropes, but with real talent and Alfa Romeos money behind them they stand a real chance of making an impression in 2018. Of course there will be ups and downs - lots of new rules and regs next year - but I think just getting the Alfa Brand awareness in front of millions of fans can only be a good and positive move.


Bring it on - I really can't wait until March now...... Melbourne March 25th...




GIULIA - New Engines coming soon & QF Colours

Big rumours flying out of Italy and the USA of a new 2.0 Petrol 350 Bhp engine for Giulia & Stelvio. It sounds promising - possible Hybrid, possible Electric Turbos ?? We'll soon find out . I'll update if I hear anything definite.

Well we predicted this one - spot on ! The Misano Blue that was the exclusive 'Veloce' colour is now available on the QF. And it looks stunning. If you really want to stand out from the crowd, it's a winner. Now we're just waiting for the QF wheels to be available on the Veloce. 



STELVIO - Outselling Giulia already !!!

It might not be the top of your Christmas wish list, but SUVs are here to stay, and with Alfa Romeo coming very late to the party how could they possibly tap into such an established market ? Simples !!! - launch an SUV that just breaks all the moulds, one that performs as well as being practical, and one that looks amazing.. Styling cues are very much from 'Giulia', but there is something a bit different with the Stelvio. They both have real presence, but they're aimed at different markets so have to offer individual features and benefits. Alfa have nailed it ! Put any reservations aside that you may have about SUVs, go and have a look, and if you're changing cars soon have a drive. I think you'll be surprised. There are great Finance & PCP deals on offer too that if you work out the maths make a whole lot of sense. Let me know if you need any more info, as we are able to get you Brand New Alfas at sensible prices.




Giulia Sprint Coupe - Just a Rumour ???

Well, I'm just saying - I would LOVE to hear that Alfa Romeo are producing this stunning Coupe - rumours in abundance - let's keep our fingers very crossed.....


STELVIO Unveiled - and it's AWESOME

It's only taken FOREVER for Alfa Romeo to build an SUV, but it was well worth the wait !! Check out youtube etc, and have a peek. The QV one is almost as nimble as the Giulia - the 50-50 weight distribution, the Q4 All Wheel Drive is standard, and the trim and spec levels are amazing. This is a winner........



AT LAST ! Giulia arrives in UK Showrooms. LAUNCH DAY is 19th NOVEMBER

 Just get down to your local dealer and enjoy the Giulia. It's an awesome car, and you will not be disappointed ! ENJOY...... even the car cover is sexy ! Thanks to Jim Oliphant of Platts Garages, Longton for the preview Showroom photos.


GOODWOOD Festival Of Speed LAUNCHES GIULIA QV. Priced from £59,000

Thanks to the kind donation of a customer's Tickets for Goodwood, which were originally courtesy of Alfa Romeo GB, I was lucky enough to see the Giulia in 'the metal' at last, when it was officially unveiled to the UK at the 2016 Festival of Speed on Thursday, June 23rd. I was told by the lucky few that have already seen it in Italy, that it was much more 'Alfa' than the photos suggested.............and they were spot-on ! This car is everything you'd hoped it would be, and more. Ignore the silly journalists comments about the interior not being as good as Audi. Why compare for a start, but it actually is, if not better - for the mere fact that it's styled rather than uniformly hewn out of square blocks of German plastics.

There are some lovely touches, like Alfa Romeo written inside the headlights. Why ? Why not ??? It's subtle and just adds to the branding. This car is special. I hope you agree when you get your hands on one. We all want Alfa to do well, and my 30 minutes of hands-on with the Giulia gave me enough of an insight to suggest it will.

You'll have to wait until September for the UK launch, but after 5 long years of patiently waiting, I'm sure you'll manage.

Price starts at £59000 for the QV. WINNER !!!! 

PS : I so want one............................ (and thanks to Mr Flint for the Invite)


Giulia - In Production at last !!!!

It's happened - the first Giulia rolled off the production line on April 19th ! It's a big day for Alfa Romeo, and for Alfisti worlswide. This is the start of a whole new chapter, and it promises to be a good one.

We're expecting a new SUV (or 2), a Coupe (Alfa 6C ?), a new Spider, and some Giulietta upgrades / replacements. Mito should stay, or at least we can expect a similar sized replacement by 2018.

Let's all wish Alfa Romeo success with this new range - it looks promising so far - long may it continue.


So, at last, Giulia pictures that are NOT a QV !

Geneva has given us the first proper look at interiors and exteriors of the 'standard' models. WOW ! I might even go as far as saying I think they look better than the QV !!! See what you think. With news of the 2.2 Litre Turbo Diesel, with great MPG, and 0 to 62 in 6.9 seconds, and all this with a tax-dodging 99 g/km. There's talk of the 2.0 MultiAir Petrol Turbo, and lots of other info, with 8 Speed gearboxes etc.


 We should get the choice of two 2.2-litre diesels with either 150bhp or 180bhp as well as a 2.0-litre petrol unit producing 197bhp and the twin-turbo 2.9-litre V6 we've seen already in the Quadrifoglio.


The 2.2-litre JTDM-2 diesel with 180bhp is available in an ECO specification as well, which cuts emissions to less than 100g/km - despite having 450Nm of torque. Both this and the 150bhp version are available with a six-speed manual gearbox or an 8-speed automatic. The turbocharged petrol is automatic only, and offers 330Nm of torque to go with its 197bhp output.



 2016 Mito Facelift

Some shots of the updated Mito, as seen at Geneva Motor Show. More aggressive with the new 'Giulia' nose treatment. Lots of small changes too. Looks promising !











Most Anticipated Car of The Year 2016'

Alfa Romeo Giulia wins What Car Award


So, let's hope this is the first of many awards for the New Giulia ! What Car magazine readers have given it the thumbs up, probably annoying the Editorial staff in the process, as they always seem very pro German cars ! I have a good feeling about Alfa's revival, so 2017 should give us a few models to play with. And with a bit of luck we'll get the QV Giulia late this year. 


Detailing Bay Now Open for Bookings.

Alfa Aid are proud to announce that we now have a designated Detailing & Valeting Bay, and with our Multi Award Winning Detailer Dawn Couch can offer you a Full Exterior or Interior Valet - Engine Bay Clean & Prep, Body Polish, Various Options on Exterior Finishing, and much more - or a combination of the above, through to a Full Detailing session.

Please call and ask Adrian Jardine to discuss your requirements, and to make a booking.

We're also on Facebook too !!!


Latest Giulia news - QV on schedule, smaller engined models delayed by up to a year !!!  

So, Alfa have announced that there will be a 276 Bhp 2.0 MultiAir version of the Giulia, and that sounds pretty amazing. Sadly though, things have been delayed a little, due in a big way to the slow-down in China, which Alfa regard as a huge market-place for the new range. So, let's not worry too much, and as more news filters thorough we'll keep you posted.



So, it was worth the wait.......................

What a car !!! By now we've all lusted after the 200 Mph, Twin turbo Ferrari derived Giulia, so I won't labour the point. But.............who else wants one ??? We have a queue forming already...........


Alfa Romeo Giulia - 5 Months until Launch Date !!


The Giulia, with added input from Ferrari and Maserati - will be the first new-breed Alfa saloon since Fiat-Chrysler Automobile boss Sergio Marchionne shook up the brand, declaring earlier this year that he wanted it returned to its pre-Fiat sports roots.

Integral with Marchionne's new focus, all future Alfa Romeos will be rear-wheel or all-wheel drive, have a strong accent on performance, and be wholly made in Italy. 

"Alfa Romeos have to be produced in Italy with an Italian powertrain," Marchionne said at the Geneva motor show in March.

"Some things belong to a place, and Alfa belongs to Italy."

The Giulia - a name resurfacing from the original 1962 saloon will be offered as a saloon and a Sportwagon.

Its entry price should be under £25000.

The Giulia hasa been eagerly awaited since 2011. At one stage Marchionne pulled the plug because he says the designers came up with a car style that looked "bland like a Lexus". The restyle creates a shape more aligned with the current Giulietta and uses some frontal styling highlights of the 4C coupe.

More than a pretty shape, the Giulia will use drivetrains including some designed by Ferrari and shared with Maserati. The 3.0-litre V6 turbo, from the Ghibli is likely to be the top engine.

The Giulia may also come with the Aluminium 1750cc turbo four-cylinder - used in the 4C coupe and Spider - or a new 1.8-litre version with 250 Bhp.

Transmission options will include the 4C's dual-clutch gearbox but it's made ideally for a transverse design and its harsh gearshifts may be unsuitable for Alfa's desire for an up-market sedan. The Giulia may use a ZF auto, from the supplier of the Ghibli's eight-speeder.

Alfa is on record as saying the Giulia, and its big-sister Alfetta due in 2017, will aim to combine sports handling with sedan ride comfort.

Suspension design will include active-roll control that automatically adjusts springs and dampers through corners and over irregular road surfaces.

An additional active damping system would enable the driver to adjust the ride and handling balance.The Giulia is also expected to come standard with the switchable DNA program - already available on the MiTo and Giulietta - which changes steering weight and accelerator response. The saloon - and later the Sportwagon - will be built at Fiat's Cassino factory near Rome. 

We can't wait !!!!! 



HAPPY 2015 from Alfa Aid


And So Merry Christmas...................................and what have we done ....????

Famous lyrics courtesy of John Lennon of course, but December is always a good time to reflect on your year.

From the Alfa Aid perspective it's been a busy one : the Car Sales department is up and running, 2014 being the first full year. We've managed to source some lovely cars for specific customer requirements, and also found some real gems for our forecourt. A lot of cars don't even reach the advert stage, like a couple of 4Cs & SZs, various GTAs and a few others too, so a lot happens behind the scenes.

Valeting & Detailing was added to the long list of services provided by Alfa Aid. Dawn Couch has a lot of detailing experience with both cars and planes (they take a while !), and you can pre-book anything from a valet to a full detailing service. Please call Adrian for prices and availability.

The Service Department continues to provide a first class 'One Stop Shop' for all of your Alfa requirements, including tuning, upgrades, winter checks etc, and the MOT bay is always busy. Did you know we MOT all makes and models, not just Alfa ? Whilst we'd rather not carry out any remedial work on a Non Alfa, you can be sure that the MOT is thorough, so you & your family members will know if anything is required to keep your car in Tip-Top order.

May we take this opportunity to thank you all for your valued custom throughout 2014, and we wish you all a Merry Christmas !


Thank you .






Sundays Southern Alfa Day was FANTASTIC !!!

Well, what can I say ! The weather was great, lovely cars, lovely people, and a great venue . The Alfa Aid stand was up and ready (just about) as Alfisti started arriving, and there was a steady flow of people throughout the day. Estimated 150 plus Alfas on display, and some rare beasties too. There are some pictures on our Facebook page, and if you have some of your own, I'd love to see them please. Email to . Thanks for coming along,and if you didn't, you missed out !!! Happy days ......


Southern Alfa Day at Osterley Park 7th September 2014.................Picnic Time !!


Let's all go for a Picnic on Sunday !!!! Support the Thames Valley section, polish up your Alfa, and come along. Happy to go in 'convoy' if anyone fancies that, although it usually ends up with someone getting left behind, or over-taking, but still great fun !! Last year was well attended, but I think we can do even better this year.


Sunday September 7th, Osterley Park & House, Middlesex


The 2nd annual Southern Alfa Day will take place at the beautiful National Trust Osterley Park & House country estate. We will have a separate access route to the site, dedicated parking on the lawns in front of the house, and an informal concours. Gates open: 10:00. Tickets £9.00 per car for all AROC members – note there will be additional NT charges to enter the House and Gardens – these are free to NT members of course. The NT expect to have new attractions so even if you have visited recently, there should be something new to see. Non members are welcome along at £10 per car in advance or £12 on the gate.


Access route to the site will be via Osterley Lane, from the A4127 in Norwood Green (satnav UB2 4LB and follow the lane all the way to the end). There will be signs from the A4 via the A3002 Heston Road, and we have been requested by the NT to direct anyone arriving at the main gate to the correct entrance, so please help us by taking the route described above.


The event is organised this year by the Thames Valley Section and also facebook Osterley Park has easy access from the M25 and so we hope to see lots of interesting cars from all over the south-east, including London, Herts/S.Beds, Sussex, Goodwood and other sections.



Zandvoort 23 / 24 August 2014..... "Spettacolo Sportivo" featuring DTM 156 V6 Ti !!!

The event "Spettacolo Sportivo", the largest gathering of Alfa Romeo cars organised in Europe, will take place on 23 and 24 August in the Netherlands. In keeping with tradition, the event is being organised by the Dutch club of the SCARB (Stichting Club Alfa Romeo Bezitters), and will be hosted at the motoring circuit of Zandvoort.It's a genuine full immersion into the true values of Alfa Romeo, the Italian brand famous the world over owing to its distinctive style, state-of-the-art technology, and top-level handling and driving pleasure. All of these features have been refined over its history of more than 100 years, a prestigious achievement shared by very few auto makers and peppered with commercial successes and racing wins.  Belonging to the collection of the Alfa Romeo Museum, in the early nineties the version participated in the DTM, which at that time was by far the most prestigious championship for touring cars. In the early years, the starting grid was formed exclusively by German manufacturers. Until 1993, when Alfa Romeo decided to officially participate with the 155 V6 Ti driven by Alessandro Nannini and Nicola Larini.On 23 and 24 August, the public at Zandvoort will be able to get a close-up look at this legendary racing car, the 2.5-litre V6 engine with power reaching 420 HP at 12,000 rpm (values close to those of Formula 1).

The Dutch event is also an ideal opportunity to become familiar with some valuable Alfa Romeo sports cars of private ownership or belonging to the Alfa Romeo Museum at close range. Standing out among these are the numerous Giuliettas that pay a fitting tribute to an iconic model of the brand that will be celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. 


  Music Should Strike Fire From the Heart of Man, and Bring Tears From The Eyes of Woman (Beethoven)

Harrison Custom Guitar Works has created an ultra-exclusive electric guitar inspired by Alfa Romeo's design & heritage. The 'Alfa Romeo', is a completely custom-made design that draws inspiration from the style, materials and technology of the Italian brand's road cars.

Available to order the 'Alfa Romeo' costs £4,000 with each guitar hand-built to order & taking around eight months to complete. Just 11 guitars will be made, one for each decade of the brand's history.

The 'Alfa Romeo' is built for performance, as exclusive as a supercar and with the same painstaking attention to detail and levels of craftsmanship required.

Integrating materials that are rarely used such as aluminium and carbon fibre, the 'Alfa Romeo' is a new concept for guitars, with its open design and 25 inch scale length making it almost like a heavily made acoustic guitar.
Finished in iconic Alfa Red, the body is fashioned from Poplar wood with a Maple cap in a custom design inspired by Alfa Romeo's iconic front grilles. The Alfa Romeo badge with engraved collar acts as the guitar's volume dial. Echoing the bars of the grille; the pick-ups, tail piece and bridge are all milled from high quality solid aluminium billet. 
"The Alfa Romeo guitar requires some special techniques. The whole thing is absolutely brand new - the concept, the design, everything. I'm an Alfa Romeo driver, so to be able to design a guitar around a brand that I already buy into was fantastic and this project has been a joy to work on." says Guy Harrison, owner of Harrison Custom Guitar Works.

Something is Brewing at Alfa Romeo 'BIG' Alfa due to be announced soon !!

At last, hopefully, there's news 'leaking' from Alfa in Italy that the 169 or ??? is ready to go !! Quite what it looks like remains a mystery, but expect a  Maserati power-unit & transmission, lovely sleek lines, and a super stylish interior. Auto / TCT only, with paddle-shift etc, and starting from £35,000. The 166 was a really under-rated car, so let's hope the motoring press fall in love with the 169. Sounds like a winner to this space !!!!



Stunning 'Stratos' Stops Traffic at Alfa Aid, Maidenhead !

Quiz Time....Rearrange the following WORDS into the correct order to make a sentence : I, HEAVEN, DIED, JUST, GONE, I'VE,TO, AND THINK. It's not a difficult one is it ?? This isn't just COOL WALL, it's ICE AGE, GLACIAL, DEEP FROZEN COOL !! On and by the way, I WANT IT !! Just off to therapy.................need to chill ! Aaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh

I know we're Alfa through and through, but credit where it's due, we will occasionally recognise other marques that have gone the extra mile................we're not shallow at all !!!! This is one of those rare occasions......enjoy.

OK, it's not a genuine full-on Stratos, but  THE best retro replica we've ever seen. With it's authentic Ferrari switches, gauges etc, all the original Stratos parts being sourced from Alfa,Ferrari,Lancia etc, it's as close as you'll get to the real deal. We were blown away. The owner has spared no expense in creating this amazing tribute, travelling the world to obtain as many genuine parts as possible. The engine is a 166 3.0 V6, with a bespoke exhaust system he designed, so you can only imagine how good it sounds !! I could go on, but will let the pictures speak for themselves.


4C Orders -2 more taken

Can't seem to get enough of the 4C. Waiting list growing by the day, and Alfa are very happy with the response so far. We've just taken 2 more deposits, 1 car we hope to get a bit early, the other looks like 18 months to 2 years. Worth the wait ??? You bet it is. Please let me know if you'd like a 4C, or Spider 4C, and we can arrange everything for you.

 Goodwood Festival of Speed----OUCH !!!

So, there you are at Goodwood, with near perfect conditions, an eager crowd watching, and you're lucky enough to be in an Alfa 4C !! What more could you want, with the public and media watching your every move, admiring the gorgeous lines of the 4C as it flies past.....I don't know what more you could want, but I do know what you DIDN'T WANT, which was to stuff it nose-first into the hay bales at high speed !!! Not your finest moment, and not the car's fault, just over-eager driving. Still, it was in good company as Olympic champ Chris Hoy did a similar thing the £125,000 Nissan GTR Nismo, a classic Surtees F1 Car came a cropper, along with GT driver Anthony Reid who smashed an Aston Martin DB7 into the famous Flint Wall during his shootout qualification run !! An expensive day for all those involved, but thankfully only a lot of broken cars and hurt pride, no long term injuries !!



June 2014


Some lucky European 4C owners who purchased the rare Launch Edition models have just had a two day 'Customer Experience' in Italy, at the Maserati factory in Modena. This is where the 4C is built, as well as Maserati Quattroporte, Granturismo and Grancabrio. 

After the factory visit, the real fun began, as it was off to the Varano de’ Melegari, to the Autodromo Riccardo Paletti, a 1.5 mile long circuit in Parma, where they were treated to some fun 'white-knuckle-ride' coaching by professional drivers, and no doubt had the time of their lives. What a way to spend a weekend, I'm not sure it gets much better than that !!




May 2014

Lots of goings on at Alfa Romeo's parent company, Fiat-Chrysler........the MD announced a huge growth plan,going back into the US market etc, 8 new models in 4 years and so on, which all sounded amazing, but sadly the general 'expert' opinion was that it's all a bit over-ambitious. Shares fell sharply, and were short-term suspended, before bouncing back. It just shows you what a fickle bunch the Americans can be - it wasn't that long ago that Fiat saved Chrysler from extinction, and were hailed as heros !!!

Watch out for major changes too with Alfa Romeo's model line-up. This will be confirmed soon, and looks pretty exciting, with the long awaited 4x4 Sports Utility Vehicle making it's debut within 18 months (maybe ). 



April 25th 2014

Our first 4C customer will soon be getting his 'Launch Edition' car. Jealous is the under-statement of the decade, it doesn't come close to describing how we feel !! However, we can't wait to actually see it in all it's Carbon Fibre glory. There are a lot of extra features over and above the 'Standard' car, including Race Suspension, Larger wheels, Carbon Fibre Spoiler & Headlight pods, etc etc, and of course the All Aluminium 1750 Turbo Engine.  We'll get some nice photographs, just to make you drool even more, and I'll try my best to hang onto the spare key without him noticing Wink ! 




April 2014

Having been named “Most Beautiful Car of 2013” at the 29th International Automobile Festival of Paris, the FIA have chosen the 4C as their Safety Car for the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) for 2014. The Season starts on the 12th & 13th of April in Morocco, at the Moulay El Hassan Circuit of Marrakech. A great accolade for the 4C, and priceless advertising for the brand. Well done 4C. 

March 17th 2014

So, now the Mazda / Spider is turning into the Mazda / Fiat !! It seems Fiat as a brand is more in need of a flagship convertible than Alfa, so it looks like Fiat will get the Mazda joint venture car !! This does mean that Alfa will get something even more unique, possible more cylinders/more BHP, and even 4 wheel drive ! We'll update you as things progress..................


March 2014

So, at last, our NEW WEBSITE is here ! It's a 'work in progress', so please feel free to give us any feedback, good or bad, as we really do need your input to make it right ! We will be updating the photographs of the site, workshop etc, and the ReMapping page in due course.

Is there anything you would like us to include ?? We would like a 'Gallery' page, featuring photos of your cars, our cars, Alfa events, anything Alfa really, so again, please send us anything that you'd like featured.

So, don't be shy, tell us straight so we can improve ASAP.


PS : Facebook is going to feature soon too


Feb 2014

With the imminent arrival of the stunning 4C, you can imagine the excitement when one was spotted on the A4 last week ! Running on Italian plates, and with a very happy looking driver, we're told it was a pre-production test car. It's always good to try a new model out on English roads, just to get the suspension properly set up for the UK, and to make any last minute production changes. Not sure who the lucky man was driving, but I bet there was a bundle when someone said, 'Who 's free to take the 4C out for a drive?'  We can't wait. There has been a slight delay for the first UK launch model cars, which is not unusual from any manufacturer with such an important new model, but watch this space for more updates.  PS : very jealous !!!

Update : Rumour has it that BBC Top Gear's Richard Hammond has fallen in love with the 4C after testing it, and has ordered one for himself ! Lucky man.....................




Feb 2014

Next year will see the new Spider and Mazda MX5 launched, if plans are still on track. Mazda have come over to Alfa Romeo to combine Italian Design with Mazda technology, hoping to create the ultimate Convertible ! Mazda no doubt will go the 'Hard Top' convertible route, but it's our initial understanding that Alfa Romeo will retain the more stylish 'Ragtop' convertible. Only time will tell, but with it comes a return to Rear Wheel Drive on a full production Alfa Romeo model. Mazda will also have a more reserved body-styling approach, and Alfa Romeo will undoubtedly have a much more styled look. Again, we're looking forward to seeing some proper 'leaked' pictures. Maybe there will be a proper GTV replacement too ?? And yes, the Alfa will be more expensive, but the badge alone is worth that bit extra !!