JUNE 10th 2018

CANADIAN GRAND PRIX, Leclerc score a point for Sauber / Alfa Romeo

Well, after Lap 1 it was a bit of an unexciting race, but there were some 'moments'. I think Mr Leclerc is showing signs of being a future champion, as clearly the Sauber is a good car, but not the best chassis. So in the right car he'd be awesome ! I know that applies to many over the years, but he has a maturity that makes you think he's not a rookie. Watch This Space. Good luck to the team for 2018.


JUNE 2018

There's lots going on in Alfa Romeo World !!!

The big announcement, eagerly anticipated I must add, for JUNE 2018 has now been and gone. Cutting through the waffle, we get down to new Alfa Romeo models, and it's looking good ! Forget whatever dates / prices / engine sizes etc that were mentioned. It will all change. It always does. But, a NEW 8C and GTV, they will happen for sure. 700 Bhp, 600 Bhp, Hybrid, electric, and lots more. The 8C will be carbon-fibre monocoque, so expect a price tag above £150,000. The GTV will be a bit more affordable, at £75,000 plus, but this is out of reach for most of us I expect. So, Giulia Coupe, big Stelvio, we think a new MiTo which will be a small SUV, and the reborn Giulietta ( Rear Wheel Drive ), these will all help boost Alfa's sales worldwide. The Stelvio is outselling the Giulia, and in Europe it's outselling the F Pace Jaguar, so it's all going in the right direction.

Hope to have more news soon, and I'll update as soon as I hear anything.