13th July 2018


To celebrate Alfa Romeo's 108th Anniversary, just 108 of these stunning Matte Grey Giulia and Stelvios will be available to the UK. Starting from £82,500, you get a host of additional items included as part of the 'package'. Too much to list, but a Nurburgring Track Experience, an FCA Heritage Certificate (numbered), lots of racing goodies and Carbon Cermaic Brakes to name but a few.

If you're interested just let me know !




1st July 2018


Another great event with a big attendance. The weather was amazing. Happy Alfa Romeo drivers, some amazing cars, and well organised. 

The BIG news for us was the Winner of the Concours - Daniel Tucci. What a proud moment for everyone involved in the resurrection of this beautiful 'Classic' Alfa Romeo 75. So much effort, time, sweat and tears, from him, his talented wife Serine ( seamstress Exatrordinaire ), the team here at Alfa Aid and friends / family etc.

What more can I say ?? Awesome.



July 1st 2018.

So, Grand Prix of Austria, what a brilliant race to watch ! 

It's not all about Alfa Romeo Sauber, but what a great result with both cars in the points. Let's keep behind them - while the big teams are dropping like flied (ish) the little fish just keep on going. If you didn't see the Grand Prix, it's worth watching. Lots of surprises, and great all-round entertainment.


JUNE 10th 2018

CANADIAN GRAND PRIX, Leclerc score a point for Sauber / Alfa Romeo

Well, after Lap 1 it was a bit of an unexciting race, but there were some 'moments'. I think Mr Leclerc is showing signs of being a future champion, as clearly the Sauber is a good car, but not the best chassis. So in the right car he'd be awesome ! I know that applies to many over the years, but he has a maturity that makes you think he's not a rookie. Watch This Space. Good luck to the team for 2018.


JUNE 2018

There's lots going on in Alfa Romeo World !!!

The big announcement, eagerly anticipated I must add, for JUNE 2018 has now been and gone. Cutting through the waffle, we get down to new Alfa Romeo models, and it's looking good ! Forget whatever dates / prices / engine sizes etc that were mentioned. It will all change. It always does. But, a NEW 8C and GTV, they will happen for sure. 700 Bhp, 600 Bhp, Hybrid, electric, and lots more. The 8C will be carbon-fibre monocoque, so expect a price tag above £150,000. The GTV will be a bit more affordable, at £75,000 plus, but this is out of reach for most of us I expect. So, Giulia Coupe, big Stelvio, we think a new MiTo which will be a small SUV, and the reborn Giulietta ( Rear Wheel Drive ), these will all help boost Alfa's sales worldwide. The Stelvio is outselling the Giulia, and in Europe it's outselling the F Pace Jaguar, so it's all going in the right direction.

Hope to have more news soon, and I'll update as soon as I hear anything.